Blue Dragon Acupuncture

Client Testimonials

I'm fortunate to work with and help improve the lives of my clients.  WHAT THEY SAY:

"Jason has a personal crusade to help people eliminate the use of opioids which are crippling peoples different facets of life. Using traditional Chinese medicine: acupuncture, guo sha, and cupping, he has helped my wife with pain relief. As a result of treatment plan, he was able to open the body's ability to heal itself.  Thank you Jason"  Dan Dobney

"Jason is very thorough with his intake process, and takes time to listen to your issues and concerns. I am amazed at how quickly I got relief from my debilitating migraines. Highly recommend."  -Amanda Harnden

"After suffering headaches for six months with no relief, one session and my headache was gone! Very professional and extremely informative and helpful."  - Jan Brandt

"4 visits so far has helped my back immensely! Highly recommended!! Very professional and helpful!"  - Cory Clark

"Jason is very knowledgeable, personable, professional, very dedicated to his craft and Acupuncture can do wonderful things."  - Dion Van Kehrberg

"Jason was able to get me right in and and worked around my schedule. I felt better immediately! Thank you Jason."  - Sherry Blais